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If you’re working on preparing your home for the warmer months, you should consider taking care of your garden too. Make your backyard a safer place for your kids to play in with these tips.

Child-Proof Your Garden and Backyard in Palm Desert

Child-proofing a house takes planning and time. At times, you might not even know where to start. We’ve previously talked about making your kitchen safer. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas in the house, and not just for children. Once you take care of the kitchen and you want to move to another place in your home, continue with your garden and backyard. With summer here, children will want to enjoy every chance they get to spend time outside. Here are some things you can do to make your garden safer for kids.

Take Care of the Fences

If you want to let your kids roam freely in the garden, you need to make sure there’s no way they can escape. Children are curious and neighboring gardens might seem more tempting. The moment you get distracted, they might be off. You need to make sure that your fences are impenetrable. Make sure that all the gaps are sealed and that the hedges are tall enough to keep your kids inside. Be sure to pick a lock for your gate that your kids can’t open.

Store Sharp Objects and Tools in a Safe Place

Gardening tools and other sharp objects pose a risk for children. Some kids will want to put them in their mouths, use them, or play fight with them. Better put the temptation away and store those objects in a safe place with a lock.

Plant Safe Plants

Lush, full gardens look beautiful, and they can help keep your home cool, but you need to pick your plants to be child-friendly. These are some things you should consider when choosing your garden plants.
  • Beware of thorns: Thorns can be just as dangerous as any other sharp object. A thorny rosebush with no protection is an accident waiting to happen. You should consider getting rid of thorny plants that can rip into the skin, or think place a small fence around them.
  • Toxic plants: Ideally, your garden should be free from toxic plants. Some plants have non-edible, poisonous berries that might look super inviting and tasty. These plants include nightshade and ivy. Take some time to learn more about toxic plants you should avoid in your garden.
  • Grass: Tumbles and falls are normal for children playing in the garden, which is why you should consider the surface they fall on. Gravel can be hard and painful. Grass or bark chips are a better option to soften the landing.
  • Take care of trees: Trees are fun to climb, as long as their branches are solid and strong. Sometimes it’s a good idea to remove the temptation if you don’t believe your trees are safe. You need to call in an expert to remove your trees and branches. The people are Daniel’s DKI know about trees and debris removal, even if it’s not a natural emergency, you should consider giving them a call. With their home restoration services they can help you make your garden a safer place. Call Daniel’s DKI at (760) 320-2128 to learn about their tree removal and restoration services.

Mind the Poisons

You probably use some herbicide or pesticide to help your plants grow pretty and strong. These tools can often be poisonous. You should lock them away in a secure and safe area, away from the reach of children.

Swing Placement

Swing sets cause many garden and backyard accidents. You should think hard about where you place your swings. They shouldn’t be positioned above a hard surface, so if kids fall off, they won’t suffer a nasty injury. The swings should be far away from footpaths where an unsuspecting passerby can be accidentally kicked.

Be Smart About Water

If you own a swimming pool, you know that it should be fenced and the gate should be latched all the time. Water is too attractive for children. You should also double think about installing a pond or a water fountain. They’re also a hazard for children. It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause an accident.

Supervise and Educate

You can make your garden a safer place, but you should always keep an eye on your kids. Accidents can happen in the most unexpected ways. Don’t let your children hang out outside without adult supervision. You should also educate your children about safety and the things they should avoid.

For Home Restoration Services in Palm Desert

If you need some help to make your garden safer, perhaps Daniel’s DKI can help you out. Their restoration services include taking care of trees and debris and tending to household emergencies. Give them a call at (760) 320-2128 to learn about their restoration services and how they can be of assistance to make your garden a more secure place.