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Kitchens are full of potential dangers that we often don't consider. From hot surfaces to sharp objects, there's a constant risk of an accident. You can make your kitchen a safer place.

  The kitchen is easily one the most important rooms in our home. We spend so much time there we often neglect to consider all the potential dangers lurking around. Preventative measures can help you avoid having to call in for an expert in restoration services. Daniel’s DKI brings you some useful tips to make your kitchen safer for all.

Don’t Leave Your Cooking Unattended

Standing idly in front of the stovetop while the food is cooking is no one’s idea of a good time. But kitchen fires often start because of unattended cooking. Something on the oven or stove can easily bubble over and begin a grease fire. Preferably, you should stay close by until you can turn off the stove or oven. If you have to leave the area, bring a timer with you to remind you to go back. While cooking, try not to wear long flowy sleeves or synthetic fabrics that can catch fire.

Think About Your Appliances

There are plenty of kitchen gadgets that make cooking faster, easier, and even more fun. You should check the cords before you plug them, you wouldn’t want to start an accidental electrical fire. Keep your appliances away from water and never stick any metal or aluminum containers in your microwave.

Clean up Spills Promptly

Not only will cleaning spills right after they happen make your workload lighter after you cook, but it will also make the area safer. Water, oil, or food spills will make the floor slippery. That’s almost a guarantee of a fall.

Treat Grease With Respect

The number one reason for residential fires is cooking fires, and it’s usually grease what gets them started. Grease and oil should be treated with utter respect. In case of a fire, you should put the lid on the pot to cut off the oxygen flow or try to smother it with baking soda. Don’t throw any water on it. Water will only spread the flames. But if the fire becomes too much for you to handle, call the fire department. Once they’ve put out the fire, you can call Daniel’s DKI to help you with your kitchen repairs. Learn about their restoration services after a fire by calling them at (760) 320-2128.

Sharpen Your Knives

Yes, sharp objects such as knives are dangerous, but dull blades are even more so. It’s harder to cut something with a dull blade, and it’s easier for the knife to slip and cause an injury. Choose stainless steel knives which hold their sharpness for longer. Try to avoid purchasing knives with wood handles because they deteriorate faster, making them more prone to slips. It would also be smart of you to learn the basics of safe knife use. Many of us are probably misusing our knives.

Children in the Kitchen

The kitchen is not a place for children to play around. Children should always remain at least six feet away from the stove, even when it’s not operating. There’s always the possibility of them (or yourself) knocking over hot saucepans or frying pans and getting scalded or hurt in the process. Make sure that the handles are out of their reach.  You should also store your knives far from their prying hands. Kids can be a distraction in the kitchen, making it tough for you to pay attention to your cooking and keeping them safe. Try to keep them out of the room, unless you're teaching them how to cook. Also, if they will be learning how to cook, be sure to start with simple recipes that don’t require a lot of heat, cutting, or appliances.  Lastly, having operating smoke detectors is of utmost importance.

Keep a First Aid Kit

People usually keep their first aid kit in the bathroom. But how many accidents happen in the bathroom, really? You should keep a first aid kit in your kitchen as well. Be sure it’s well stocked with gauze, burn salve, scissors, alcohol, and everything you need to treat a small wound or burn. Keep your doctor’s phone number near the kit as well.

For Home Restoration Services in Palm Desert

If the something as bad as a fire or a flood were to happen in your kitchen, you can rest assured that Daniel’s DKI will be there to help you remediate the problem. Call them at (760) 320-2128 to learn about their restoration services to help you bring your kitchen back to its former glory.