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A fire can be devastating for a home. The building and most of your possessions inside can be badly damaged by the flames and the heat. Some of the things that managed to escape the fire might get ruined by the water you used to put out the flames, or the firefighters might’ve cut holes on the walls and roof trying to put out the fire. Destruction is bound to happen when a fire is involved. There are some ways you can protect your home to prevent fires and other natural disasters. And after the fire all there’s left to do is move on with your life, be patient, clean up, and call the property restoration experts in Palm SpringsDaniel’s DKI. This post is about the steps you should take after an unfortunate fire.

Avoid Touching Anything

After the fire is put out and the ashes fall you might be tempted to go back inside and take a look. You can’t do that until the firefighters have put the fire out completely and checked the site to be sure it’s safe. Worst case scenario is that you won’t be able to get back in at all.  Fire can damage many parts of the house deeming it unsafe. If safety isn’t enough, touching or removing items could void your insurance, or at least reduce the damage reimbursement. The firefighters will need to check that your utilities (electricity, water, and gas) are safe to use. If that is not the case they will turn them off or disconnect them. By no means try turn them on by yourself.

Make Some Calls

The first call you should make, of course, is to the firefighters. After that you should call any family members or friends that live with you, but weren’t there for the fire and give them all the information about the event. After you’ve calmed down for a bit you need to call your insurance company, because no one else is going to do it for you. They will start the insurance claim process by sending out an adjuster to assess damages. The adjuster will talk to you about your options, from emergency lodgings to living expenses. Be sure to save all the receipts to make a claim. They will also give you advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to protect your insurance coverage. The insurance company can give you suggestions about clean up and property restoration options. If you don’t have insurance, there are still some options for you and your loved ones. The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, various community groups, or religious organizations can help you out.

The Fire Report

You need to file a fire report. The fire report will include in what shape the house was in, what area was involved in the fire, the date and time it happened, and an incident number in case the report comes through a fire department. The report will allow the fire department know who was there and what resources were used to assist in putting out the fire. For a copy of the report you can call the fire department.

Call a Professional Property Restoration Company

Evaluate the damage and consider the reconstruction or clean up requirements that need to be taken. If the house has been lightly damaged you could try to the job on your own, although it’s not really recommended. Sometimes the damage goes beyond what the simple eye can see and you need the help of a professional to fix it. Talk to your insurance company about the type of damage and what other elements you need to consider. They will probably recommend that you hire a professional property restoration company. This is where Daniel’s DKI come in, they will help you board up and tarp the place while it’s getting fixed. They will give you a restoration estimate and help you begin the process with your insurance company. You can call them at: (760) 320-2128 to talk to them about your home problems.

Secure the Area

Most insurance policies require that you secure the area to prevent vandalism, theft, and other liabilities. You need to call the local law enforcement so they can tell you what you should be doing to secure the property. Notify the post office, your utility providers, and your credit card company of the situation and how they can get in contact with you.

Be Patient and Get Some Counseling

Fires spread in the blink of an eye, but the process of fixing the damage left behind doesn’t happen that way. Understand that it will take some time to get your insurance coverage, clean the area, rebuild, and go back to normal. You need to be patient and realistic on your expectations, property restoration doesn’t happen in a flash. Having your home and belongings destroyed in a fire can be a very traumatic experience. It can leave lasting impacts on you and your family. If any of you is feeling deep sadness, disoriented, helpless, or just plain angry about your current situation, you should consider looking for counseling.

For Property Restoration After a Fire in Palm Springs Call Daniel’s DKI

If you need a reliable contractor to help you fix your home after a fire, you need to call Daniel’s DKI. They will guide you and help you along this property restoration process in Palm Springs. You can reach them by calling (760) 320-2128 after you’ve talked to your insurance company.