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Frozen pipes can become a huge nuisance. If the cold weather has frozen yours over, follow the tips in this post by Daniel's DKI in Palm Springs to deal with the situation effectively.

How to Deal with Frozen Pipes

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Locate the Frozen Pipes

Imagine trying to solve a problem when you have no idea where it's coming from. It would be incredibly difficult, right? That's why, the first step in taking care of the frozen pipes in your home, is to find out where those frozen pipes are. For that reason, if you suspect that the freezing temperatures have taken a toll on your pipes, you need to inspect every faucet in your home. Open up each one and note the water pressure coming out of them (if any). Once you have that information, it's time to look for the pipes that supply the faucets that aren't delivering water as they should. Then, put your hands on the pipes or use a thermometer to corroborate if they're frozen or if there's something else wrong with them. Something to consider is that it's likely that the affected pipes are exposed to the cold weather, meaning you'll probably find them outside or near a vent.

Check the Pipes for Leaks and Cracks

Yes, having low or no water pressure in your home can be an extremely annoying occurrence. However, it is not the only downside of having your pipes freeze over. An even bigger problem is that the frozen pipes can crack. At the end of the day, even if you fix the problem with the pipes' temperature, you may still have issues with the water supply in your home. What's worse is that you can end up with water damage and mold development thanks to a leaky and faulty pipe. That's why, after you locate the affected pipes, it's necessary that you also perform a thorough inspection on them. Look for leaks or cracks on them, so you're aware of the issue. If you find any, you will need to take care of it (depending on its size), so you can prevent the problems that may result from it. To that end, employ a thick layer of epoxy putty and water resistant tape to provide a temporary fix. Keep in mind that for a more permanent solution, or if the problem is too big to begin with, you should turn to a professional plumber.

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Warm Up the Frozen Pipes

Of course, if the problem is that your pipes have frozen over, then you need to warm them up and increase their temperature to take care of the issue. Before you do, be sure to open up the faucets of the affected pipes. The reason behind it is twofold. For one, leaving the faucets open will help you be aware of when the water supply has been restored to its original glory. Furthermore, allowing the water to run through the pipes will actually help warm them up, which will expedite the process. Now, if you thought you could use a blowtorch or another type of open flame to tackle the problem, think again! These methods can lead to fiery disasters. This is why you should try to be safer: employ a space heater, a blow dryer, or a heating pad to regulate the pipes' temperature. To stay on the safe side, guarantee that there are no flammable objects nearby, so as to avoid a fire. Another thing to keep in mind is that if there's a pipe that you can't locate or reach with ease, you should once again turn to a professional team to deal with it effectively.

Prevent the Issue From Happening Again

Last but not least, you should definitely take some measures to ensure that this annoying and troubling situation doesn't present itself again. That's why, your best bet is to maintain the pipes properly insulated. This is especially important for the ones that are outside, as they are the most vulnerable to the low temperatures. However, as it has been mentioned a few times over during this post, you should also seek professional guidance with this. An expert will be able to assess your particular situation and suggest specific advice so that you don't have to deal with frozen pipes ever again.

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