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Having a small house fire can be a stressful and overwhelming situation. However, if you know what to do, you can get out of it unharmed. Read this post by Daniel's DKI in Indio to learn to suppress a small fire.

Picture this: you're in your home, having a nice afternoon with your family when all of a sudden, you start to identify the smell of something burning. You turn around, and you see that, in fact, there is a small fire happening in your home. At that moment, you panic, and you don't know what to do. If you see yourself in the paragraph above, you need to learn how to suppress a small house fire. Standing there, unable to react appropriately in an emergency can make a smaller issue that must worst. You never know when a house fire could break out, so continue reading the post below to learn the different ways in which you can deal with a small fire effectively and safely.

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How to Suppress a Small House Fire with

Assess the Situation

Reacting fast is imperative to reduce the amount of damage done to your home. However, before you throw yourself into the situation, you should take a moment to assess it properly. While doing so, notice the size of the fire and how it's behavior. If, upon your evaluation, you deem the fire too big or too dangerous for you to handle, or if you don't feel certain about your abilities to handle it, it's best to call a professional team promptly who can deal with the fire safely.

Take a Few Precautions

Once you've deemed the fire small enough to handle, then you must take a few precautions to avoid as much risk as possible as you try to suppress it. For example, if there are any highly flammable objects near the flames, they should be removed (like cloth, oil, or other). If the flame is near a gas supply or an appliance, you should shut these down. Of course, kids and pets should be fire away from the fire, too. Also, get your hair or loose clothing out of the way to keep yourself from catching on fire. Lastly, cover your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in the fumes.

Suppress the Fire with the Appropriate Method

There are a few different ways to suppress a fire. To use the appropriate one, you need to consider a few things:
  • If the fire originated from electricity, gasoline, or oil, don't use water to put it out, as the situation could worsen.
  • If you are using water as your preferred suppression method, know that you will need large quantities of it.
  • You can also use a large, thick blanket to cut the fire's oxygen supply. The blanket should be big enough to cover the whole fire and thick enough to suffocate the flames.
  • The best and most effective suppression method is the use of the fire extinguisher. Just make sure that you learn how to employ it properly so that you can work it safely.

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Keep the Affected Room Ventilated

The fire isn't the only thing that could affect your well-being; the smoke can also be pretty damaging too. For that reason, once you've dealt with the fire, you need to ensure the affected area stays well ventilated. To that end, you can use your AC system (if it wasn't affected by the fire) and/or open windows and turn fans on. This will help the air move around the smoke move out of the room.

Deal with the Aftermath of the Fire

Lastly, once the fire was suppressed effectively and the smoke was cleared out, you will need to deal with the fire's aftermath. To determine what you should do, you need to inspect the room thoroughly, as well as your belongings. Hopefully, this will only include cleaning up a few surfaces. However, if you find that the restoration work is a little bit trickier, trust in a professional company to that end.

If you need professional assistance to deal with the aftermath of a fire, turn to Daniel's DKI. Call (760) 320-2128 for professional property restoration in Indio, or if you'd like to learn more about how they can assist you.