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Keeping a clean carpet is important for your home's appearance and sanitation. However, there are some stains that are more difficult to get out than others. To learn what they are with this post by Daniel's DKI in Riverside County.

A clean, beautiful, spotless carpet can do a lot for your home. Not only will it keep it warmer during winter and make your home quieter and safer, but it can also add to its appearance, style, and overall feel. However, that is only if you do a good job at keeping it flawless. If you don't, the dirty and stained carpet can bring the whole ambiance of the place down, making the place seem disheveled even if it isn't. To keep your carpet in top shape and looking great for longer, you should clean it regularly and be careful with certain substances that can create unsightly spots that could be incredibly tough to get rid of. Learn what substances produce the toughest stains on your carpeting so you can be extra careful with them through the post below.

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Tough Stains to Clean off Your Carpet

Red Wine

When you think about red wine, you probably think about a relaxing night, talking with friends, eating a delicious meal, or even taking a bath. These are all positive experiences that can help you feel calmer. One way to lose your cool, however, is by spilling red wine all over your carpeted floors. The red tint it's known for has the highest staining power, meaning that getting it off your carpeting will be a true feat that will require a lot of time, money, and effort.


Coffee is the ultimate morning beverage. So much so that many people can't start their day until they have drunk their cup of coffee. Needless to say, coffee will likely be a necessity in your household. What you don't need, however, is coffee spilling all over your precious carpet. The dark stain that will result from this will likely keep you up at night. Even if you love coffee, avoid filling the cup to the brim.

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There are many reasons why women wear makeup, and every one of them has a unique experience with it. However, we can all agree that something that you definitely don't want from it is to stain your carpeted floors. Lipstick is the worst offender. Its consistency and ingredients make it the perfect substance to grab onto your carpet's fibers. While lipstick looks great on you, it won't look great on your carpet.


Having a pet can really bring so much happiness and love into your and your family's lives. Still, as cute, fluffy, and awesome as our pets are, the truth is that they aren't the best friends to our carpeted floors. After all, pets shed, drool, pee, poop, and carry dirt and gems all over our homes. For this reason, your best bet is to clean your furry friend regularly, brush their hair every day, and potty train them so they can coexist with your carpet happily.

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Having a pen by your side whenever you need to write something down can be super helpful. Something that won't be helpful, however, is having the ink from your pen spill on your beautifully carpeted floors. Depending on the color of the pen, you will be left with a red, blue, purple, or black stain on your carpeting for a long time since it's nearly impossible to remove.


Finally, there's blood. Of course, if there's blood on your carpeting, your first move should be to ensure that you or the person bleeding is taken care of and receives the medical attention they require. However, once the crisis has been averted, you will be facing a different type of problem since the protein from the blood loves to stick to the fibers in your carpeting, making it one of the toughest stains to remove.

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