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Doing yard work or maintenance outside during the hot summer days can be dangerous. Learn how to stay safe when working in the heat through this post that Daniel's DKI in Palm Desert put together for you.

Even through a quarantine, there are maintenance tasks that needs to get done in order to prepare your home for the hotter months (gardening, mowing the lawn, unclogging the gutters, cleaning the exterior of your home, etc.). Still, after taking the proper precautions to stay safe from the virus, you also have to take extra safety measures to prevent the problems that can come from the heat and the sun (heat stroke, dehydration, skin cancer, among others). For tips on how you can remain safe even when working outside during a hot day, continue reading the post below.

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How to Work Outdoors During the Summer Months

Stay Hydrated

First of all, it's important to stay hydrated (regardless of if you're doing yard work or if you're staying inside), which is why you should drink plenty of water (around 10 cups a day). But, if you'll be working outside, doing physical activities, and with the heat of a hot summer day, you'll be sweating a lot, and it becomes even more imperative that you replenish the fluids in your body. Drink water as you work so you don't get dehydrated.

Take Breaks as You Work

It should go without saying that working outside can be exhausting. Not only are you putting in a lot of effort into gardening or cleaning, but during the intensely hot summer days, you also have to put up with the heat and the unbearable sun rays. That's why, it's necessary that you take it easy. Take breaks whenever you can, work a little bit a time, and shield yourself to avoid issues.

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Choose the Perfect Time to Work

One thing to keep in mind when you're scheduling your outside maintenance tasks, is that you should do them at the right time. This is because if you start working at 2pm, then you'll be outside when the sun and the heat are at their harshest. Your best bet is to do it earlier than 11am, or later than 5pm, so that you can stay as safe as possible as you're working outside.

Get Assistance From Others

Who says you have to do all of the yardwork on your own? If you want to minimize your exposure to the heat and sun, as well as make the tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable, then ask your family members to help you out. After all, they also use the garden, so they should share the responsibility to keep it in the best shape possible.

Don the Right Attire

It's important to consider what you'll be wearing whenever you're working outside. This is because the right clothes can keep you comfortable, protected from the elements, and fresh despite of the outside heat. Of course, you should don something that you can get dirty while working. Then, you should wear light fabrics to help you stay fresh. Lastly, try to wear long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from the sun.

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Keep Yourself Shielded from the Sun

Probably one of the bigger risks of working outside is being exposed to the damaging sun rays. If you don't take good care of yourself, you could develop serious ailments, such as skin cancer. For starters, you need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Then, it's a good idea to wear a hat, gloves and glasses.  

Pay Attention to Your Body

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to your body as you work through your home's exterior. The moment you start feeling dizzy, extremely hot, fatigued, or nauseous, you should stop and go inside, as these could be symptoms of dehydration or a heat stroke. Rest and drink enough water. If this doesn't work, visit your doctor to get professional help.

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