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A building inspector is meant to guarantee that a construction is done efficiently. To learn more about the specifics of what they look when evaluating a construction, read this post by Daniel's DKI in Riverside County. 

A building is meant to be a shelter from the elements, protection from outside threats, and a place to feel comfortable and safe. Still, if the building hasn't been built following the proper guidelines, it's probable that it won't be able to provide any of the services you need it for. Enter, building inspectors. A building inspector is a professional who carefully and expertly goes over the construction of a building, to guarantee that the safety measures and the necessary elements are there working as expected. The job of the building inspector is a very important one since, without their input, there could be accidents in the building later on. If you'd like to learn more about what a building inspector does and what they look for during their evaluation rounds, the post below will shed some light on the whole situation.

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What Does an Inspector Look For?

Figuring Out if There are any Hazards

As we're all aware, there can be accidents at home. However, some of which can be traced back to the construction of the building. To make sure that the inhabitants of a property won't be seriously hurt or fatally injured because of a construction mishap, a building inspector needs to walk through the site identifying hazards that could be present. For example, a few of the things that a building inspector should be looking out for are:
  • the ground fault circuit protection for electrical plugs in the exterior areas, kitchens, bathrooms aren't in good shape, are missing, or haven't been installed adequately.
  • there are arc fault protection devices that aren't working as expected.
  • the absence of safety glass where it should be present.
  • the place doesn't have the necessary safety features or they don't perform properly (for example, smoke detectors, fire-rated doors, emergency escape and rescue openings in the bedrooms, carbon monoxide alarms, etc.).
  • there's too much space between the balusters on the property's stairways and porches.
  • there are appliances that haven't been installed correctly.
  • there is no electrical bonding and grounding.
If a building inspector finds one or more of the problems listed above, they should mark the property as 'deficient'. This, so that the contractors, sellers,  buyers, or anyone involved, are made aware of the issues with the construction.

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Working Through the Checklist

Aside from going through all of the property searching for the problems mentioned above, the building inspector also has a checklist of the five main systems in a property. As they inspect the property, they also assess the situation these systems are in and they document their condition accordingly. They can be 'inspected', 'not inspected', 'not present', or 'deficient'. To learn more about what these five elements are and what they entail, refer to the checklist below:
  • The structural systems - which encompass the whole structure of the building and go all the way from the foundation of the property to the roof.
  • The electrical systems - which include the electrical installations, the service panels, branch circuits, connected devices, and fixtures.
  • The temperature control systems - these include those systems meant to regulate the temperature in the property, such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • The plumbing systems - which are in charge of the water supply and the distribution of water and waste, for example, drains, waste, vents, water heating equipment.
  • The appliances - mainly those present in the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.
Once that the building inspector's evaluation and visit is over, they will document each problem they found. Once again, they will write 'deficient' on the areas that need to be worked on. Then, they will schedule another visit to verify that the problems have been fixed. If they're still not up to par, they will reschedule again and again.

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