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A leaky pipe can do a lot of harm to your home. If one of your pipes is faulty, you can follow the tips in this post by Daniel's DKI in Indio to give it a temporary fix and stop it from becoming a bigger problem.

Having a leaky pipe in your home can be an incredibly disheartening situation. This is because, it won't only make a mess on your floors, but it can actually lead to a slew of other problems. For one, it can lead to mold growth, which you know is bad news. Moreover, it can cause water damage to your belongings and even to your home. If you've found this unfortunate occurrence in your own home, worry not. There are easy ways in which you could provide an effective, temporary fix. To learn exactly what you should do to make that happen, continue reading the post below.

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How to Repair a Leaky Pipe Temporarily

Deal with the Water

The first thing to do is deal with the water so that it doesn't continue to waste (the water that keeps dripping out, and the water that's already on your floors). For the former, place a bucket or container under the pipe, so that you can catch the water that's dripping. For the latter, grab a mop or a sponge to soak some of the mess that was done on your floor and belongings.

Take a Good Look at the Affected Area

Of course, you won't even be able to provide a repair to the pipe if you don't know exactly where the water is leaking out of. For that reason, you should take a good look at the affected area. If possible, mark the area down so you don't miss it later on. Keep in mind that if the pipe is in an unreachable place, you should call a professional team instead.

Close Off the Water Valve

Can you imagine how annoying it would be to work on a space that's constantly getting wet? So that water won't get in the way of your restoration, it's necessary that you identify the correct water valve and close it off (if possible, that is).

Prepare the Area for the Restoration

You won't be able to do an effective job on the pipe if the area is all wet and dirty. That's why, before you begin, you need to prepare the area for it. This only entails wiping down the pipe with a clean cloth. This way, the pipe will be dry, clean, and ready to be worked on.

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Get the Leaky Pipe Fixed

Now for the most hefty part of the tutorial: actually going through with the fix. For that, the first order of business is getting the necessary supplies. In this case, you will need epoxy putty and water resistant tape. After going through and understanding the putty's instructions, you should apply a thick layer of it onto the affected area. Once you've let that dry for a bit, it's time to wrap some water resistant tape around it, so your fix can be even more secure.

Restore the Water Supply

Basically, the restoration job you were here to do is done. All that's left to do now is reopen the water valve that you closed off so you can restore the water supply to the previously affected pipe. Before you do, however, be completely certain that the epoxy putty has dried. Once you reopen the valve, pay attention to the pipe to see if the restoration worked.

Call a Professional Company

Last but not least, we need to remind you that this is a temporary fix to your problem. This means that, no matter how well it has worked for now, your best bet is still to have a professional company inspect the area. They can assess the situation correctly, identify why the pipe broke, and provide a more permanent solution to your problem. This way, you won't have to deal with this same issue a couple of months down the line.

Remember that you can trust in Daniel's DKI if water damage, mold, a fire, smoke, or other mishap has taken a toll on your home. Call (760) 320-2128 if you're in need of a professional team that can provide effective property restoration in Indio.