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A fireplace at home can make this time of the year all the more magical and cozy. Learn how to keep your fireplace warm, functional, and safe with the tips in this post by Daniel's DKI in Riverside County.

During this time of year, staying at home, snuggled up on the coach with a fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, a good movie on the TV, and snow falling outside can be the best plan ever. The only way to make this scenario even better is to have a fireplace burning near you that can provide the warmth you need to stay cozy at home. However, for your fireplace to be functional, safe, and a reliable source of warmth, you need to make sure that it's in mint condition. Especially if you haven't used your fireplace in months, you should guarantee that it's in perfect working shape, so that a mishap won't take a toll of your home during the holiday season. To learn how you can maintain your fireplace properly for these cold months, continue reading the post below.

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How to Maintain Your Fireplace Properly

Evaluate the Condition It Is In

One of the first things you should do is evaluate the condition that the fireplace is in. This, so you can know what you should do to maintain it (or if you're equipped to do so in the first place). To go through with the evaluation, use a flashlight to inspect the flue, and notice if there's soot or creosote buildup. While there, look at the smoke exit to verify there isn't any blockage (dead leaves, nests, etc.). If upon your inspection, you notice that the fireplace's condition needs some real maintenance, then you should contact a professional who can service it expertly.

Take Care of the Flue

The flue is probably one of the most important components to maintain in your fireplace. If it's dirty or in bad condition, it won't dispose of the smoke adequately. To clean it up, you need to sweep the walls thoroughly to get as much dirt off of it as you can. While you're cleaning, pay attention to the cap's condition and replace it if it's needed. Once again, if you don't feel up for this task, you can have a professional chimney sweep take care of it.

Pay Attention as You Use It

One of the most crucial rules about safe fireplace use is paying attention as it is burning. This will help you notice how it's working, and if it needs any additional maintenance to function safely and as expected. For example, you can take note if there's more smoke than usual. Whatever irregularity you notice, turn the fireplace off and fix the problem before you start using it again.

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Burn the Right Type of Wood

Something to keep in mind is that the type of wood you burn in your fireplace can have an effect in its maintenance and its cleanliness. For that reason, you should focus on burning high-quality hardwood in your fireplace (for example, maple and oak). They will last a lot longer and the minimal residue they leave behind will prolongue the time between cleanups (as opposed to pine and other soft woods).

Make Your Fireplace Extra Safe

Playing with fire is no joke. That's why it's recommended that you take extra steps to guarantee that your fireplace will be extra safe (aside from paying attention to it, and keeping children, pets, and flammable objects away from it). For example, you can install a stainless steel chimney liner, so as to ensure that the flue works efficiently. Likewise, you can have heat-proof glass doors around it to reduce the chances of a mishap significantly.

Have a Professional Look at It

Finally, even if you do all of the steps in this tutorial, you still need to have a professional look at it. After all, they have the expertise necessary to notice any areas that need to be serviced and provide that service for them. This way, any issues that could be present will be addressed before they become a big, dangerous problem.

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