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A hole in your drywall isn't ideal. If a mishap has caused one to appear in your home, in this post by Daniel's DKI in Indio, CA you'll learn the steps to repair it on your own. 

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How to Repair Your Drywall

Gather What You'll Need

The first step, for this and any restoration job, is to gather what you'll need to get job done in an optimum way. In this case, it is recommended that you consider the following list, so that you can repair the heinous hole on your wall as soon as possible:
  • one repair patch that will be able to cover the hole completely
  • drywall compound
  • a putty knife
  • sandpaper
  • paint for your wall (in the color you want for your wall)
  • a paintbrush
  • pieces of clean cloth
  • rubbing alcohol
  • plastic sheets
  • a broom
  • and a dustpan

Protect the Work Area

To continue with this restoration project, you should protect the area where you'll be working. Doing so will guarantee that you won't ruin your floors, furniture, and other elements that are close to the restoration site. To keep them as protected as possible, you should first move away anything that could get in the way. Likewise, use the plastic sheets to cover the floor or other areas that you want to remain undamaged and completely clean.

Ready Yourself to Begin the Restoration

Just as you prepared the area where you'll be working, it is necessary that you get yourself ready to begin the restoration. Before you do, you should even take a look at the affected area. If the damage is a bit too big, you're better off calling a restoration company to help you out. To prepare to do the job, you should wear appropriate clothing (items that you don't mind getting dirty). If you deem it appropriate, you should even don some protective wear (such as gloves and eyewear that can keep you safe).

Get the Damaged Area Clean

The next step is to get the damaged area clean. This is because, the repair patch and the other solutions you have to repair the wall won't be able to adhere properly if there's dust, debris, loose pieces, and more in the area. To get it clean, you need to wipe it down with a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol. Additionally, you should remove any loose pieces of drywall you see. Lastly, you should make the hole as flat as you can to provide the proper restoration.

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Patch the Hole Correctly

It is now time to start the actual repair of the hole on the wall. To make that happen, you need to grab the repair patch that you got and read its instructions carefully. Once you understand how it works, place the repair patch over the entirety of the hole. It's imperative that you guarantee that the repair patch is sticking to the wall properly, so you can restore the area correctly.

Spread Drywall Compound Over It

Following the application of the patch, you need to spread drywall compound all over it. If this is the first time you use drywall compound, read the instructions before employing it. Once you have, spread a layer of de compound all over the repair patch. Try your best to make the area even and smooth. If you aren't as successful with this last bit, don't worry too much, since there are ways to correct this.

Make the Surface Even

And one of such things you can do to correct an uneven repair job, is to use sandpaper to rub the lumpy area thoroughly until you're left with a smooth wall. Doing so will help the repaired portion mix in well with the rest of the wall, so there aren't any signs of damage on it.

Repaint the Wall

As a final step, you need to repaint the previously damaged area. If you paint the whole wall the same color, you will completely erase any evidence that there was ever a hole on your drywall. After you're done with the paint job, all you have to do is allow the paint to dry fully. Then, you can rearrange your furniture, get rid of the plastic sheets, and act as if nothing happened.

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