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Mold can be a clear result of water damage, but a flood isn’t the only thing that may cause it. Mold can grow in places that you'd never consider. Here are some of the areas you should check out for mold growth.

Mold Can Grow in Places You Never Suspect

Mold is hazardous to your health and visually unpleasant. It can find its way into many areas of your home. Some places are apparent, and there are some other places that you wouldn't even consider. You know that mold can grow in your shower, but did you know it can also grow in your windowsill? Here is a list of places that you should double check for mold so you can rid of it. You can also check out this post to learn about some easy ways to prevent mold growth at home.

Common Places Where You Can Find Mold

Window sills

As you know, mold can grow everywhere where moisture hides. You can find mold in your window sills where condensation forms. Top that moisture with poor air circulation and mold will become a problem. Wipe down your windows regularly and be sure to dry them thoroughly. If taken care of early, you can easily avoid severe mold problems.

Inside Walls and Wallpaper

If there’s plumbing behind your walls, there’s also the potential for mold growth. You’re obviously not going to tear down your wall to look for mold, so figuring out if there’s an issue can be hard. One of the signs of mold is the smell. If you notice a musty smell coming from you’re walls or wallpaper mold might be the culprit. As for your wallpaper, if you start removing it and see that mold is present, the problem might be critical. In these situations where mold can affect your health, you need to call an expert in mold removal like Daniel’s DKI.


Carpets are ideal homes for mold and mildew. The dark and moist recesses between the carpet fibers practically invite mold to grow. It’s crucial that you thoroughly dry all spills before they have time to sink into the fibers. Also, if you have your carpets professionally cleaned, be sure to hire a well-reputed company that won’t leave your carpets wet. You’ll be able to tell if mold is growing on your carpets or rugs by lifting them up and checking the backing. If the mold problem is grave, your carpets will have dark spots and a musty smell, better get rid of them. If you worry about mold growth, yet you want to enjoy the benefits of clean carpet, Daniel's DKI has your back. Among their many property restoration and emergency remediation services, they offer their carpet cleaning services. Call them at (760) 320-2128 to learn about their many different property restoration services in Riverside County.

Basement and Attic

It’s really common for mold to grow in basements. Basements are dark and often moist places…the ideal home for mold. Homeowners usually don’t notice a mold problem in their basement until it gets out of hand. Don’t let this happen to you, be sure to check the area often, especially after storms. Attics are usually the place where we abandon old clothes or hide Christmas decorations during off-seasons, but they can also be harboring mold. Any leaking water can soak into your ceiling or into any stored boxes and promote mold buildup. Check your attic after storms, maybe switch your stuff into plastic boxes instead of cardboard, and fix any leaks.

Shower Curtains

Mold often grows in bathrooms, even more so if they don’t receive adequate ventilation. There are many cleaning products to get rid of mold in your tiling, but that’s not the only place where mold can grow. Have you checked your shower curtains? It’s nearly impossible not to notice any nasty dark mold growing your shower curtains, but if your curtains have a printed design, it’s possible to miss it. Take your curtains down once in a while and give them a proper inspection.

Fridge Drip Pans

Mold and food shouldn’t mix unless we’re talking about cheese. Your refrigerator has many hidden spots that can gather moisture, places where air doesn’t reach, places like the drip pan. Mold can easily grow there especially since there’s food involved.

Mold Removal and Property Restoration in Riverside County

If you’re dealing with a mold problem at home, you will need an expert’s help. Mold removal is not an easy job. Call Daniel’s DKI at (760) 320-2128 and ask about their mold removal and property restoration services in Riverside County.