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Candles are a staple of this time of the year. However, to burn them safely in your home and avoid a disaster, you should follow this guide by Daniel's DKI in Riverside County

How to Burn Candles Safely

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Find Alternatives to Candles

Let's begin with this fact: according to the National Fire Protection Association, people report around 25 candle fires every day. If you want to be completely certain that you won't become part of this statistic, your best bet is to eliminate the use of candles in your home. Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives that can give you the ambiance that you want from candles. For instance, there are battery-powered 'candles' that can give off that beautiful glow; or there are air fresheners to fill your space up with beautiful scents.

Never Leave Lit Candles Unattended

This is the most important (and probably, the most popular) rule about candles, and that is to never leave lit candles unattended. As you may be aware, accidents can happen from one moment to the next. This means that, there can be a mishap that could start a candle fire, and if you're not paying attention, you won't be able to notice and take appropriate action to prevent a full-blown disaster. That's why, if you're leaving your house, going to sleep, or exiting the room, you should put the candles off.

Pick a Safe Spot for Them

Imagine putting a lit candle atop a wiggly table that's next to long drapes. Sounds incredibly dangerous, right? This is why probably one of the most crucial decisions that can determine your candles' safety is where you place them. To keep them safe, make sure to place them on a sturdy, flat, even surface where they won't fall. Likewise, it's imperative that you keep any flammable objects away from it, so they won't accidentally catch on fire.

Watch Out for Children and Pets

Children, pets, and candles should never mix. This is because, even if you are careful about placing your candles in a safe spot and keeping an eye on them, a child, a dog, or a cat can knock them over. Plus, it may be that the dancing flames will be very attractive to their curious minds, which means that it increases the chances of them getting injured or causing an accident. For that reason, keep them as far away from each other as possible.

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Find a Good Container

Choosing the appropriate candle holder can also increase your candles' safety level. To guarantee that it's the right kind, you need to find one that's big enough to gather all of the melted wax, that's sturdy, and that won't transfer much heat (or melt). The right container will also be able to protect the surface the candle is on, ensuring it doesn't get too hot or damaged.

Mind the Smoke

While the risk of fire is probably the most present danger that comes to mind when thinking about candle safety, you should know that the smoke the candles produce can also create some trouble. That's why, to prevent smoke damage, respiratory illnesses, or other smoke-related issues, you need to verify that the place where you're burning candles is big enough and has good ventilation. To keep the air clear, you should also avoid burning too many candles at once.

Don't Let the Wick Get Too Short

In case you weren't aware, the wick is the cord that's in the candle, and that burns when the candle is lit. To keep your candle usage safe, you should look out for it and keep it from getting too short. This is because, if you continue burning the candle once the wick is almost done, the heat can break the container and cause an accident in your home. Once you see the wick is reaching its end, change it up to prevent a mishap.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

Finally, you should be aware of dangerous situations and put the candles out at the first sign of them. For example, if you notice a smell of gas and are suspecting a gas leak, you should be quick to react and put them out, lest you want a fiery disaster in your house. That's why you should also pay attention.

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