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Clogged drains are a staple in most homes. Clogging is nearly inevitable with soap residue, hair, garbage, and other assorted gunk that stick together in our drains. Those disgusting clogs make it tough for us to be able to use our sinks, toilets, and showers. Not only do they make it difficult for water to pass through, they develop a terrible smell, can cause mold growth, and damage our pipes if not treated promptly. Fortunately is not that tough to deal with common clogging, Daniel’s DKI,  the experts at property restoration in Indio, bring you on this occasion, a few ways in which you can unblock your drains at home.

Easy Tips to Unclog Drains at Home

Use Boiling Water

Start with the easiest way of unclogging a drain: pouring boiling water over it. Fill your kettle with as much water as it can and boil it. Pour it slowly down the drain, waiting a few seconds between each pour. Boiling water usually does the trick.

Use Bent Wire Hanger

Plumbers use a tool called plumber’s snake to fish out any undesired gunk in your drain. Basically, a plumber’s snake is a long wire with an attachment at the end that helps you move the clogging. You can either get one at the store or make your own by using a bent wire hanger. Simple take a wire coat hanger and try to straighten it as much as possible. Bend one end to create a small hook and start fishing. You’ll be able to get lots of hair and other nasty stuff that’s blocking your drain. Try to pull the gunk out, not push it further in.

Use the Plunger

You probably have at least one plunger at home, use it as you should. You can place some duct tape over the drain (to force the obstruction down the pipe) and start plunging until the passage is empty. If the plunger is not working and you find yourself amidst a water disaster, Daniel's DKI can help you out. They're property restoration experts and they know how to handle water damage and mold. Call them up at (760) 320-2128 to learn more about how they can help you.

Use a Wet & Dry Vacuum

A wet & dry vacuum can be a great drain unclogging tool, if you have it. It may not be the most successful option, but it never hurts to try. Set the vacuum in liquids mode and cover the vent to prevent a mess. You need to create the tightest possible seal over the drain. Perhaps you’ll need to get creative and adapt a plunger head for the purpose. Turn your vacuum to the highest setting, it’s possible that it will be powerful enough to extract the gunk into the vacuum bag.

Use Baking Soda

There are several methods you can try by mixing baking soda with other ingredients. You can mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1/3 cup vinegar. It will fizz immediately, so waste no time in pouring it down the clogged drain. Wait for it to act for about an hour or overnight, and flush it out. The fizz will help remove all the gunk, grime, or hair built up in the pipe. You can also pour the same amount of baking soda down the drain and follow it with the vinegar. Another method is mixing ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Let the mix rest there for 10-20 minutes, and pour boiling water. The water and the mix of salt and baking soda will produce a chemical reaction that should disband most blockages. For your bath, use the baking soda and vinegar mix mentioned before. Just pour it down the drain and then place the stopper over it. Leave it for about an hour, then fill up the bathtub with water. Afterwards remove the stopper. The trick here is the water pressure. The pressure of around 40   to 60 gallons of water should be enough to unclog the blockage previously softened by the baking soda and vinegar. For extra pressure you can also try plunging or using the plumber’s snake at the same time.

Use Caustic Soda

Caustic soda can cause painful chemical burns, you’re going to need to use rubber gloves and eye protection if you’re trying this out.  Get your caustic soda from a hardware store and handle it with care. Get a bucket and pour in ¾ gallon of cold water and 3 cups of caustic soda. Use a wooden spoon or something similar to stir well. It will start fizzing and heating up. Pour it over the blocked drain and leave it for half an hour, flush the drain with boiling water. You can repeat if necessary.

Use Dish Soap

You already have your dish soap at home, might as well give it another use. All you need to do if pour 1/4 cup of dish soap into your toilet and get some water boiling. The dish detergent acts as a lubricant and helps break up any greasy scum. Now, pour in the hot water and start plunger. If the plunger isn’t cutting it, you’re going to have to get in there using rubber gloves.

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