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With the fall season comes dead leaves. Learn why you should be raking them often as part of your home's maintenance through this post by Daniel's DKI in Palm Desert.

Some people think that raking the leaves in their gardens is pointless. After all, we're going through the fall season, and no matter how much you rake, there will always be dead leaves on the ground. Others think that allowing dead leaves to pile on the ground gives their home a gorgeous autumnal look, which is why they don't clean them up. Whatever the excuse, raking dead leaves is an important fall maintenance task. If you want to know just how important it is really, read the following post.

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Why You Should Get Rid of Dead Leaves

Your Home Won't Look Great

As mentioned above, some people love the idea of the autumnal look that the dead leaves on the ground will give their home. However, the reality isn't as flattering. In fact, allowing dead leaves to keep piling up on the front-yard gives the sense that you don't really care about your home, how it looks, or its upkeep. This can make your place look old, cold, uninviting, and frankly, a little bit scary. Rake the leaves to portray yourself and your family accurately to others.

You Can Slip More Easily

Some people like making angels out of dead leaves. Others like gathering a bunch of them and throwing them into the air. One thing you can guarantee that nobody likes, however, is slipping and falling thanks to the dead leaves. Dead leaves don't soak up moisture well, meaning that if it rains, if you water your garden, or if there's high humidity in the air, water droplets will rest atop the leaves. This increases the chances of someone slipping, falling, and getting injured.

Fungi May Develop

And since we're already talking about water, high humidity, and the problems they can bring, here's a question for you: do you know what loves moisture? Fungi! Mold and other nasty and very damaging little organisms can start developing thanks to the trapped moisture in the piles of dead leaves. This growth can damage your home and even your family's health. Guarantee that there's not much dead leave accumulation on your lawn to keep mold and other similar fungi at bay as much as possible.

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Dead Leaves are a Fire Hazard

As previously stated, dead leaves and moisture shouldn't mix, as they can make falls and mold growth more likely to occur in your household. Still, dry leaves come with their fair share of dangers, too. Mainly, if you allow dry, dead leaves to sit on your home's exterior, you're exposing your house and your family to a fire hazard. The tiniest spark can light up the pile and create a disastrous situation in your home. Rake the dead leaves away and take the possibility of a fire with them.

There Can Be Creatures In It

Mold isn't the only nasty little thing that can grow out of a pile of dead leaves. On the contrary, the darkness, the dirtiness, the humidity, and other similar factors make this the ideal habitat for a slew of different creates. Anything from poisonous spiders, to scary snakes, and all kinds of ticks, animals, and critters, can be found in an accumulation of dead leaves. If you have small children, letting them play there can be dangerous. Rake the leaves to eliminate the risk.

And More Hidden Dangers

Finally, you need to know about a few other hidden dangers that you should look out for if you allow dead leaves to gather in your lawn. For instance, the dead leaves may be covering uneven terrain, mud, toys, tools, and other similar elements that could be painful and dangerous to step on. If you rake your leaves, you'll have a clear view of what's on the ground, which will help you stay away from potentially dangerous situations.

If mold, a fire, an accident, a natural disaster, or other mishap has taken a toll on your house, call Daniel's DKI at (760) 320-2128 to help you work on the problem. They are experts in property restoration in Palm Desert.