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If you're a glass half full kind of person, you can turn a disaster into a renovation opportunity. Here are some things you can change to make your home stronger and better.

Home Restoration After Disaster Strikes

Natural disasters can be devastating. They can completely wreck a home, or at least leave it severely damaged. If you want to look at the silver lining in these awful situations, consider this as an opportunity to spruce up and reinforce your home. The following are some of the repairs you can do post-disaster to make your home in Palm Desert better.

Fix Your Basement

If your home underwent a flood or you were having moisture issues before disaster struck, one of the first places you should remodel post-disaster is the basement. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth and structural problems. Daniel’s DKI can help you decide the best methods to rebuild your basement and keep it moisture free. Before you start making any restoration plans on your basement, you need to define if the damage was caused by a flood, rainwater, or a burst pipe. You see, flood damage will probably require new drywall, flooring, and insulation. You’ll have to bleach and deodorize any salvageable object left behind as well. On the other hand, if the damage was caused by a bursting pipe or rainwater, drying out the area using internal guttering systems or sump systems might help fix the situation. When dealing with broken pipes, you need to know that starting from scratch might be the most economical alternative. Fixing or changing tubes is pricier because the contractors need to break up the concrete around the house footing, increasing their workload.

Consider a Power Generator

A generator is not a necessity unless you have an urgent need for electricity, but it’s an excellent amenity to have when the power goes down. Not everybody can afford a generator to have at home, but if you can, you’ll find it incredibly useful if a natural disaster causes all the power in town to go down. A generator that will cover your whole house and keep the sump pumps and other major appliances functioning can be expensive. You don’t need to get one of those, a portable generator will do just fine. You need to hook this cheaper to whatever electronic you plan to use and fill it with gas every time it’s you use it. Still, these simple tasks are nothing compared to living with no electricity.

Build Tougher Walls

When water affects your home, it’s likely that you’ll have to get rid of all affected materials. Floodwater tends to carry contaminants that might cause further damage to your house and your health. Sometimes using antimicrobial and deodorants to kill off the bacteria isn’t enough. You will need to replace damaged surfaces. Before you reinstall your walls back up, you should consider other types of building materials such as water-resistant building materials. For instance, you can use foam board to replace fiberglass wall insulation. Foam board won’t soak up as much water and pollutants. Instead of using drywall, consider using cement boards, which won’t get moldy over time. Before you do any property restoration activities, especially concerning water damage,  you should talk to the people at Daniel’s DKI. They will help you decide on the best course of action to make your home in Palm Desert look even better and stronger than before the damage occurred. You can reach them at (760) 320-2128, they’re available whenever you need them.

Change Flooring

Flooring is, perhaps, the most easily affected area when it comes to water damage. Wood floors can swell up, and carpets can absorb an enormous amount of liquid that might be impossible to dry out completely. If you were thinking of giving your home a makeover, now you have a real excuse.  If you want to keep your current carpets, you’ll probably have to call in an expert to remove them and thoroughly dry them. Afterwards, you should consider installing a quality carpet padding. The padding won’t protect your carpet from absorbing liquids, but it will protect your subfloors. When flooring damage happens in areas like your basement, where it’s more likely that it will happen again, you need to look for materials that can handle liquids. Steer clear from carpets, laminate, and hardwood floors and look into tiling.

Hold on to Your Roof

Heavy rains and strong winds can leave your roof a mess. You need the help on a quality roofer to fix it. Be sure to ask them to use high-quality shingles and that they complete the flashing correctly. The flashing is where the roof meets the walls. If it’s not installed right water can seep through. You can go all out and tell the roofer to install hurricane strapping to keep a hold of your roof against powerful winds. Strappings are not that pricey. They are clips and straps the tie the roof and the house-framing system. You’d mainly be paying for labor. Even if your roof doesn’t need to be fixed, you should still check it from time to time and consider installing some sort of protection.

The Best Option for Property Restoration in Palm Desert

Daniel’s DKI is who you need to call when your home needs some major repairs you can’t perform on your own. They have plenty of experience dealing with disastrous aftermaths of many damaging home situations. You can call them at (760) 320-2128 to talk about your home’s restoration needs in Palm Desert and get a quote.