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The rising temperatures don't necessarily mean that your energy bills must rise too. You don't need to keep your air conditioner in full blast to remain cool. Try out these summer tricks to keep your come in Palm Springs fresh.

Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is great isn’t...
Summer is supposed to be a more relaxing season, with more free time. Why don't you use that free time to give your home some summer maintenance and get it ready for the heat? Here's how you can do it. Summer, one of the most awaited seasons is finally coming and with it come picnics, BBQs, pool...
Older homes need constant repairs and renovations. Homeowners can make many blunders when it comes to fixing older houses. Be prepared by knowing which common mistakes are likely to happen so you can avoid them.

Common Mistakes in Home Renovation

As the years go by houses require more and more...
Clogged drains are a staple in most homes. Clogging is nearly inevitable with soap residue, hair, garbage, and other assorted gunk that stick together in our drains. Those disgusting clogs make it tough for us to be able to use our sinks, toilets, and showers. Not only do they make it difficult...
A fire can be devastating for a home. The building and most of your possessions inside can be badly damaged by the flames and the heat. Some of the things that managed to escape the fire might get ruined by the water you used to put out the flames, or the firefighters might’ve cut holes on the...
Mold, just saying the word aloud makes you feel funky. Mold can be good when it comes to some cheeses or penicillin, but I can be horrible when it comes to your home. It can be hazardous to your health, not to mention unattractive to look at. It can grow on your carpet, food, paper, walls,...
Natural disasters can happen anytime.They can come and wreck your house without you being able to do a lot. However, you can be a cautious home owner and disaster proof your house in order to avoid fatalities and material losses. Preparing yourself and your home for the effects of unexpected...
The amount of minerals in the water supplies can lead to the accumulation of calcium in your pipes after some time. This means that your pipes will be clogged by the amount of buildup, which is troublesome, but can actually result in useless pipes and water damage problems if not taken care of...

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