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Esporta Wash System

The Esporta Wash System has revolutionized the restoration of soft contents. When properly operated it can restore over 85% of the soft contents previously sent to land fill sites.

The ES–3300 Restoration Wash System is the disaster restoration industry's only wet–wash machine designed from the ground up to recover "soft contents" from fire and water disasters. Its patented design features "safe hold" compartments for holding delicates, leathers, and what is known as Category 2 & 3 soiled laundry. It can disinfect, deodorize, and wash up to 160 lbs. of laundry, shoes, and other bulky goods that might have survived your fire and water disaster.

Traditional front and top loading washing machines utilize mechanical action to remove soil from fabric. Traditionally the smoke and soot smells were reduced through the use of ozone, which scientific studies has found to be harmful to humans. The patented Esporta Wash System eliminates the need for ozone by completely removing the smoke, soot, bacteria, mold and other contaminants by using hydraulic pressure to force these contaminants out of the contents.

Daniel's DKI holds the following certifications:
  • Sports Equipment Cleaning
  • Fire PPE Cleaning & Repair
  • General Soft Contents & Laundry Restoration
  • Smoke & Soot Contaminated Soft Contents & Laundry Restoration
  • Sewage Contaminated Soft contents & Laundry Restoration