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Raking dead leaves is an important part of your home's fall maintenance. To learn how to do it effectively, read the tips in this post by Daniel's DKI in Riverside County.

How to Rake Leaves Efficiently

Having dead leaves on your home can be dangerous: they can be a fire hazard, house venomous...
Having clean and functional gutters and downspouts is key for your home's maintenance. To learn how to do it on your own, read this tutorial by Daniel's DKI in Palm Springs.

How to Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Call Daniel's DKI at (760) 320-2128 if your home is in dire need of...

Are you heading out for a much-deserved summer vacation? Before you go, you need to vacation-proof your home to avoid any accidents, robberies, or other problems. Find out how in this post.

Is Your Home Ready for Your Summer Vacation?

After a long year, you and your family are ready to take a...
If you’re working on preparing your home for the warmer months, you should consider taking care of your garden too. Make your backyard a safer place for your kids to play in with these tips.

Child-Proof Your Garden and Backyard in Palm Desert

Child-proofing a house takes planning and time. At...
The air we breathe can worsen allergy symptoms. We can’t do anything about it when we’re outside, except use medication. But at home, there are plenty of tricks we can try to reduce allergens.

Vanquish Allergens From Your Home

Find yourself sneezing more regularly? Maybe your eyes are watery,...
Spring cleaning a home may involve many harsh cleaners that will do the job but might affect your health. If you plan to deep clean your home this spring, here are some tips to do it in a greener and healthier way.

Think Green When You Spring Clean

Most people think of spring cleaning as an...
Usually, bad smells at home are easy to eliminate, especially if you know where they come from. However, some odors seem impossible to eradicate, here's what you can do about them.

Some Smells Seem Impossible to Eliminate

It’s usually easy to pinpoint where a bad smell is coming from at home....
Kitchens are full of potential dangers that we often don't consider. From hot surfaces to sharp objects, there's a constant risk of an accident. You can make your kitchen a safer place.

  The kitchen is easily one the most important rooms in our home. We spend so much time there we often...
Mold can be a clear result of water damage, but a flood isn’t the only thing that may cause it. Mold can grow in places that you'd never consider. Here are some of the areas you should check out for mold growth.

Mold Can Grow in Places You Never Suspect

Mold is hazardous to your health and...
Home emergencies can strike fast and unexpectedly. After disaster strikes, you will need to have all your important documents safe and in order if you want to claim some insurance. 

Maintain Your Documents Safe

What kind of documents do you keep at home? You probably have a variety of insurance...